Defence to fight pit bull’s destructionfight pit bull’s

Jason English was found guilty of improperly penning his pit bull. (CBC)

A defence lawyer in the case of a pit bull that viciously attacked a small poodle-terrier says he will fight any request to have the pit bull put down.

The fate of the pit bull is entwined with the conviction of its owner Jason English, 32, who was found guilty Tuesday of a violation of the Dog Act for having an animal off a leash and outside of a pen.

Crown prosecutor Bill House has yet to make a formal request to have the animal destroyed, but said he will. However English’s lawyer James Goodwin said he will fight the request.

Judge Colin Flynn said he was reluctant to have the dog killed because English has taken greater steps to secure the gate the dog got through.

Even the owner of Ringo, the dog who was attacked outside a pub in Georgestown last last October, has said he doesn’t want the pit bull destroyed. Ringo died after he was taken to a veterinarian.

“I’m not a fan of killing animals,” said Fred Brockerville, whose dog Ringo had to be put down by a vet shortly after the brutal attack. “I just think he should, and other people should, take care of their animals better.” Pit bulls are the most dangerous dogs in residential sectors, for complaints about civilians violating your rights contact a dog attack lawyer.