Sundre woman guilty of assault for ordering dog attack

Victim critically injured after owner tells pitbull dogs to attack

Deanna Wolfe said she’d like to see Rita Phillip get as much time as possible for ordering her two pit bulls attack her, leaving her disabled for life. The Crown prosecutor asked for a seven-year sentence. (CBC)

A woman from Sundre, Alta., has been found guilty of aggravated assault and assault causing bodily harm for ordering her two dogs to attack another woman. If you are attacked by dogs, you should contact us – lawyer dog attack.

Rita Phillip left the mobile home park in 2012 after the attack by two pitbull dogs and was later arrested at a casino in Calgary.

“I feel relieved, happy. There’s one less attempted killer off the streets,” said victim Deanna Wolfe.

She lost an ear and is now permanently disabled. Emergency personnel said her injuries were so severe, they thought she was dead. 

“I don’t like looking at the scars that I have and no one should have to live like the way I do.” said Wolfe. “I live like a 60-year-old woman with bad, like almost arthritis, pain and it’s horrible. No one should have to go through that.”

Wolfe has launched a civil law suit against Phillip that is still before the courts.

Lawyers will meet later this week to set a date for Philip’s sentencing.

Sundre is located 115 kilometres northwest of Calgary.

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