Golden retriever accidentally pulls fire alarm at doggy daycare

This might be worse than the cone of shame.

A dog in Iowa was so excited to go to doggy daycare that she accidentally pulled the fire alarm.

“She just arrived for day camp and was just bouncing around and bounced into the fire alarm, pushed it in, pulled it down and that was it,” Jessica Tapper, owner of Dogwoods Lodge in Grimes, Iowa, told KCCI.

Birdie’s hyperactive shenanigans were caught on surveillance video and while her jumping around caused the accidental pull-down, the city’s fire department didn’t know that and responded to the alarm.

As a result of setting the alarm off, Birdie was made to wear an apology around her neck after she “tested the fire system” which read, “Dear Grimes Fire Department, I’m sorry that I pulled the fire alarm today. Sincerely, Birdie.”

Shouldn’t happen again

While the firefighters forgave the adorable dog — because who can resist those eyes?

“Just a false alarm, it happens sometimes,” firefighter Nick Pearson told the Des Moines Register, adding, “We are happy to go there and see dogs once in a while, so it’s OK.”

Meanwhile, Tapper isn’t so sure Birdie actually regrets what she did.

“The other dogs were freaking out,” Tapper said. “She didn’t seem to care at all.”

Birdie’s owner wasn’t fazed, either.

“We thought that was pretty funny, and we’re glad that she’s now let back at dog camp and she can go once a week and play around.”

Tapper told the Register that it shouldn’t happen again.

“Needless to say we are getting covers now. We already have some ordered.”