Toronto woman seeks owners after alleged dog attack on her, dog named Yoda

A Toronto woman is looking for who she calls “evil people” after she and her Corgi named Yoda were allegedly attacked by a dog while walking with her boyfriend in the Humber Bay Park/Sunnyside area.

Shawna Smith, who goes by @avocadorolls on Instagram, says on the social media site that “these two humans stood and watched their dog attacking us and did not attempt to intervene.”

She told BlogTO the alleged attack happened Tuesday night (Feb. 8) just after midnight and that she was bit on the face and arm after one of the couple’s two dogs came racing towards her and Yoda.

On Instagram, Smith added “my brave boyfriend fought off the dog and videotaped the people. The woman threatened to release the other dog on my boyfriend for videotaping.”

Needed stitches

On the video posted on Smith’s Instagram account, the male owner of the dog can be heard saying he was sorry but “s–t happens in parks.”

Smith writes on Instagram that Yoda “has some minor damage to his back leg but would be dead if my boyfriend didn’t save us. I needed stitches to my face and dental work.”

She described both dogs on the social media site as “cane corso or pitbull mixes. Large black dogs with white chest(s). Owners were white, in their late 20s, 30s.”

Smith told BlogTO she contacted police who came the night of the attack with an ambulance but they were unable to find the dog owners and subsequently referred the matter to Toronto Animal Services.

TAS can deem an animal dangerous and require it to be muzzled and leashed at all times.